Research Areas

Research on Carceral Control

Medical Trust
Talking about History of Incarceration

Patients: Understanding patient preferences in discussing history of incarceration.

Health Care Providers: Understanding health care provider knowledge in meeting needs of formerly incarcerated patients.
Data Transparency
Tracking demographic inequities in COVID-19 among incarcerated populations in US prisons.
Individuals Speak: Incarcerated During the COVID-19 Epidemic (INSIDE)
Documenting conditions of confinement among those incarcerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community and Data Partnerships

 Housing Discrimination

J4Housing is a local, grassroots non-profit working to end discrimination in housing based on criminal record.  

We have partnered to supporting their data collection efforts though survey development, dissemination, and analysis.

COVID-19 Impact on Incarcerated LGBTQIA+ People

ABC Austin is a grassroots prison abolish group that has collected data on conditions of confinement experienced by LGBTQIA+ people incarcerated in TX prisons. 

We have partnered to support the analysis of their data and dissemination of findings. 

Impact of Restorative Justice Programs 

Transformational Prison Project is a local restorative justice non-profit led personally by impacted men. They work to reimagine justice using a restorative justice framework.  

We have partnered to support the development of instruments for program assessment, on both sides of the wall, analysis, and dissemination of findings. 

Past Community Partners