INSIDE Study Methodology

  Target sample:

  • Adults who are not incarcerated who have been in communication with someone who is currently incarcerated
  • Adults who were formerly incarcerated and released after March 1, 2020

  Survey development:

  • Web-based anonymous survey administered through REDCap
  • Administered through social media, advocacy organizations and criminal justice professional organizations
  • Community Advisory Board
    • Survey development in partnership with community advocacy partners
    • Each community advocacy partner compensated for their time
    • Involvement in data collection, survey dissemination, interpretation of findings and guidance on dissemination
  • Questions adapted from the literature and other advocacy or research groups
  • Publicly available data also be utilized

  Data Sharing:

  • Data updated on public website weekly
  • User-friendly and downloadable figures of findings on a public website
  • Customizable reports by state available on request
  • Full IRB approved instrument available upon request