INdividuals Speak: Incarcerated During the COVID-19 EPIDEMIC

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Current public health efforts to address COVID-19 in carceral facilities have ignored the voices of those trapped with COVID-19 while incarcerated.

We have developed a survey in partnership with formerly incarcerated people to give voice to those who are incarcerated during the pandemic. In the words of Angela Davis “prisons do not disappear problems, they disappear human beings,” and lack of transparency is a familiar strategy to hide oppression and structural violence.

Please note that data collection has now closed. If you are interested in using these data please contact us.

   What is the study?
• Collecting information on conditions of confinement experienced by those who are incarcerated
• The survey can bring to light the inhumane conditions incarcerated people are facing
• Information collected by a short, anonymous, online survey

   Who is eligible?
• Formerly incarcerated adults, freed after March 2020
• Any adult in communication with someone who is currently incarcerated

   What will you do with the data?
• Data is being collected for the purpose of advocacy groups like yours
• Data transparency and standardization from carceral facilities have been dismal and block appropriate public health responses to save lives and communities

   Why should I take the survey?
• Your voice is critical to raise awareness of the experiences of those who incarcerated
• We need as many responses as possible to use a loud and strong collective voice for action

   Who is the data for?
• All data and results collected are made easily accessible to groups working to protect and serve the needs of those impacted by the criminal punishment system
• Some preliminary findings are below
• These findings emphasize human rights violations and can be used to support decarceration efforts